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Bronx River

Water Locale

Bronx River

Audience Location

River Park

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 2:30 pm


Davalois Fearon

History of Site and Related Water Issues

The Bronx River went from a flourishing and beautiful resource to a contaminated conduit for industrial and residential wastes two centuries ago. In 1974, a small band of community activists formed Bronx River Restoration and began the arduous process of cleaning up and restoring the river. Their effort gained strength and numbers in 1997, when Partnerships for Parks convened the Bronx River Working Group and brought together more than 60 community organizations, public agencies and businesses committed to reclaiming the river and improving access to it throughout the Bronx. River park is an example of the Bronx River Restoration groups impact.


Composer Mike McGinnis uses traditional instruments, water sounds and a recording of hurricane Sandy to create the score. Music will be performed live.

The Performance

Davalois Fearon will perform a twenty minute solo version of her work in progress piece “Consider Water”. “Consider Water” uses dance and music as tools to bring attention to the important issues surrounding water today. These issues include water shortage, water pollution, water-related natural disasters and access to clean water.
Costume by: Deborah Castillo
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Directions to the Site of Performance

Take the 2 or 5 train to East 180th
head southwest to East 180th st
Turn right on East 180th st
Turn Right on Boston rd


How can I get involved?

Think about three ways you can personally impact some of today’s water issues. Come prepared to share your ideas:)
Join the cause at

Local Website

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