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Audience Location:

Prospect Park Lake

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 11:00AM EDT and 5:00PM EDT

Water Locale:

Prospect Park Lake


Elena Lopez Sans (11am performance):
dancer, choreographer, teacher of yoga, dance, and alexander technique.
Davalois Fearon (5pm Performance):
Davalois Fearon is a critically acclaimed dancer, teacher, and choreographer born on the island of Jamaica and raised in The Bronx, New York. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Davalois Fearon Dance.
BIGBANGDANCE (with Natasha Alhadeff-Jones and Dana Davidson):
Employing artistic, interdisciplinary, & multimedia approaches, BIGBANGDANCE explores the relationship between people & place (inside spaces – outside spaces – everyday and unexpected places). The mission of BIGBANGDANCE is to provide the public with education & performance programs that engage them in site-specific dance and other art forms and enables them to be creative, reflective, & active stewards of the spaces in which they live, work, and play.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

Covering 55 acres and with a depth of nearly seven feet, Prospect Park Lake is one of the area’s most popular spots for catch-and-release fishing. The lake is especially rich in largemouth bass, with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation claiming that the lake holds the state’s largest population of the species. Recently benefiting from an extensive restoration project to address significant erosion and neglect, Prospect Park Lake is Brooklyn’s only lake.



The Performance:

* Section I: Opening Ceremony.
At 11am, Elena will offer a Sacred Dance Circle. “I feel it will help energetically for the waters.” – Elena
* Section II: Local Dances.
At 5pm, Davalois will perform a solo from her Consider Water.
“Consider Water” combines three types of artistic expression – dynamic and fluid dance, original music, and visual arts – and was inspired by domestic and global water issues, such as water scarcity, water contamination, water quality, and water-related natural disasters. Fearon envisioned the multimedia elements of “Consider Water” as a way to create an immersive experience that invites audience members to bring new consideration to one of the earth’s most precious resources.
* Section III: Local Dances.
After Davalois’ solo, Natasha Alhadeff-Jones, Dana Davidson, and others will perform the the Global Dance that will be performed all over the world.
* Section IV: Participatory Dance.
To conclude, audience members will be invited to dance simple movements that honor water, which are easy and fun.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

For location details for the 11am performance, email your name and phone number to Elena at, using the subject “Global Water Dances.”
For the 5pm performance, meet at Prospect Park Lake near the Vanderbilt Street Playground. F/G trains to Fort Hamilton Parkway.
Call Natasha at 1 (347) 898-8950 with any questions.

Email for more information:


How can I get involved?

Spread the word and bring your friends and family. All ages are invited!

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