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GWD 2013 NY Rockaway Beach

Water Locale

Atlantic Ocean — 95th Street and Shorefront Parkway

The Choreographers

Mindy Levokove
Evie Ivy
Sandi Stratton-Gonzalez
Carolyn Molotchev

Rockaway Beach

Audience Site

95th Street and Shorefront Parkway, the Beach and the Dome (Expo 1 – MoMA, PS1 and VW – Rockaway) area

Time of Performace


History of site and related water issues

Rockaway Beach has a long history, but recently the impact of Superstorm Sandy has placed this site and water issues in the forefront of the media, locally. The water rose even beyond what was anticipated and the Ocean met with the Bay. Homes were surrounded by water. Cars floated by in the salt water and were destroyed. The sand was moved up into the streets. Folks were stranded in their homes. Some folks were trapped by flooding. Places where I lived were destroyed. The face of the area is changed irrevocably.

The Music

We were accompanied by drums, other instruments, chants and sounds by Marta, Mindy and DJ Claudia, for Part 1.

Directions to site of the performance

From Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island by public transportation: Take the A train to Rockaway Boulevard. Then get the Q53, going to Rockaway. get off between 94th and 95th Street. Walk towards the ocean.
By car, get to Cross Bay Boulevard. Take that over the bridge to Rockaway. It will take you directly to 95th Street. Go towards the Ocean. There is parking right at the Dome.

Other resources and links

Choreographer Mindy Levokove created a performance in 2011 in New York City on the East River


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