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Water Locale

We began with a blessing at Moxlie Springs Basin in Watershed Park and end at East Bay Waterfront Park, where the springs join Puget Sound (the Salish Sea).

Audience Site

There were a number of sites, which the audience were free to move between.


Watershed Park hosted the site of all of Olympia’s drinking water up to the 1950’s.
So many cities and towns have creeks and springs that have been paved over, unbeknownst to people who walk and drive over them.
We cannot follow Moxlie Creek exactly as it is currently routed under the city but our performance procession route was close.

The Choreographers

Karen Kirsch, Elizabeth Shé, and others

The Music

Charles Adler, procession music
Olympia GWD

The Performance

From the Source to the Sound, our dance was on the move, just as our water was. The total distance is 2.28 miles.
We began at Moxlie Springs Basin in Watershed Park with an opening blessing.
We then walked down the gravel path to step into Moxlie Creek and blessed each other.
Then we hiked up and out of the park to Eastside street, crossed the freeway bridge, and walked through a parking lot to where Indian Creek emerges.
The dancers and audience gave their wishes to Indian Creek, then walked along Plum Street (the springs are now underground) to Yashiro Japanese Garden.
We danced the Global Water Dance at Yashiro, followed by audience participatory dance.
After the dances, carrying flowing streamers, we walked, sang and danced along Plum street to Legion to Chestnut Street to East Bay Waterfront Park. Here Moxlie Creek comes out of a culvert and joins the Sound. We had a short closing ceremony as the tide went out, carrying our blessings with it.

Olympia GWD

How Can I Find Out More?

Contact. Karen:
or Elizabeth:

Directions to Site Location

  1. Moxlie Springs Basin in Watershed Park: The most accessible way to get there is to enter the park at the southern trailhead at 2308 McCormick CT SE, off of 22nd Avenue SE. This is a drop-off/pick-up site only, no parking.
  2. Yashiro Japanese Garden: 1010 Plum Street SE, behind the old City Hall, street parking is available
  3. East Bay Waterfront Park: 313 East Bay Drive NE, street parking is available

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