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Water Locale

Moxlie Springs to Salish Sea

The Choreographers

Karen Kirsch

Audience Site

Yashiro Garden

Olympia GWD

History of site and related water issues

Moxlie Springs had been the city of Olympia’s water source from settlement until the 1950’s. It begins as an artesian spring and flows northward towards Puget Sound. Along its course it’s joined by more springs and groundwater from the forested wetlands of Watershed Park. After leaving the park, the creek is piped under Interstate-5, then along and under city streets. Indian Creek joins Moxlie Creek inside a 6 foot pipe traveling underground 2/3 mile to Puget Sound. A network of stormwater pipes that carry the runoff from the roads, parking lots and roof tops of downtown Olympia join these creeks. Finally the pipe discharges the ancient artesian fresh water, Indian Creek, and today’s polluted runoff into Salish Sea (Puget Sound). As an underground creek Moxlie is unseen and unknow to many as they drive, walk and work over it. Moxlie is typical of the salmon runs once so prevalent along the Puget Sound which fed thriving interdependent estuaries. It is our hope that learning about this creek under the city will increase a commitment to bettering local waters.

Directions to site of the performance

Watershed park trailhead at McCormick Street to the Moxlie Basin for opening blessing. Indian Creek site at the end of Quince street for daisy launching. Yashiro Japanese on Plum street for Garden Global Water Dance performance and audience participation. Closing Moxlie Creek outlet at Eastbay and Chestnut streets.


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