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“It touches me that people can feel the connection of being together in such a positive way.” Audience member, Wingene

Wingene GWD

Water Locale

Oostende, the sea

Audience Site

Sport Beach in Oostende

The Choreographers

Stephanie de Bruijckere

The Performance

The performance took place on the beach at Oostende. Performers will included students from Dance- Movement therapy school from VZW Agape as well as dancers and un-trained dancers from outside the school. In the performance we used the natural environment as stimulus for the movements, especially the sea.

  • Ritual Part: We started with a Water Ceremony. First the dancers are stood among the spectators. A female singer started singing (on the stage) a wonderful ‘water song’ without words. The dancers stepped forward from the semicircle and made a smaller full circle around the island of sand. They gave food and flowers as an offering to the sea to show their gratitude, invited and blessed the spirits from all the directions to come and join the dance. Then the dancers made a long line at the edge of the water and blessed themselves with the water from the sea.
  • Local Part: Starting from the long line at the edge of the water, the dancers turned around to face the audience and danced the movement choir we made with Belgium people, accompanied by live music.
  • Global part: We danced the Water Dance, with live music mixed with samples from the Global Water Dance music.
  • Audience Participation Part: The audience were invited the share the joint movement and dance together with the dancers. The dancers ended by jumping into the sea.

After the dance: Free dancing with dancers and spectators with live music.

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