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Ottawa river

Audience Location

Britannia Park

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at

Water Locale

Britannia Beach, Ottawa River


Natasha Royka & Wendy Morrell

History of Site and Related Water Issues

Britannia Park is on the Ottawa River in the City of Ottawa. We are celebrating this year because on April 7, 2015, the federal government announced it has “identified a new project for funding consideration of up to $62.1 million” as part of the multi-year Ottawa River Action Plan, which aims to clean up the Ottawa River. The new project will involve building two interconnected underground combined sewage storage tunnels, which will provide additional storage and act as reinforcements for the city’s primary wastewater pipe.
The total estimated cost of the project is $231.3 million—$62.09 million of which will be covered by the federal government through the New Building Canada Fund. The Province of Ontario will also contribute $62.09 million under the Moving Ontario Forward initiative. The City of Ottawa will be responsible for all remaining costs.
“[This] announcement will allow us to complete the Ottawa River Action Plan—our top local environmental priority,” said Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “Together, we will pass along the gift of a clean Ottawa River to the next generation.”


Debbie Danbrook – Shakahachi Flute (see

The Performance

Dancers from the local Ottawa community will come together from all walks of life to offer a movement meditation giving thanks that we have clean water in our community and in hope that others in the world will one day have the same. We dance together as a “wave” recognizing the importance of working together in community while also each representing our own individual “drop” and our personal responsibility. We dance as a reminder that we ALL have a role in ensuring the future of clean water on our planet.
Dancers will offer our meditation 3 times in various areas at Britannia Beach between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon.


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