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It was a meaningful process in which each of us shared our ideas, as well as dancing and feeling together.” Hannah Park, Choreographer, Philidelphia

Water Locale

Schuylkill River

Audience Site

The plaza behind the Philadelphia Museum of the Arts


The Delaware Indians were the original settlers of the area around this river, which they called Ganshohawanee, meaning “rushing and roaring waters,” or “Manaiunk” meaning “where we drink.” The river was later given the Dutch name Schuylkill by a European navigator of the Dutch West India Company. This “hidden river” refers to the river’s confluence with the Delaware River at League Island, then nearly hidden by dense vegetation. Thomas Paine tried in vain to interest the citizens in funding an iron bridge over this river, before abandoning “pontifical works” on account of the French revolution. Patriot papermaker Frederick Bicking owned a fishery on the river prior to the Revolution. The Fairmount Water Works on the Schuylkill River were once the source of Philadelphia’s water supply and are now an attraction in Fairmount Park.The restoration of the river was funded by money left for that purpose in Benjamin Franklin’s will. The river is also known to have been on fire more than once throughout history.

Philadelphia GWD

The Choreographers

Nancy Kantra, CMA and Hannah Park, CMA

GWD philadelphia II

The Music

Music for Section I: “Toccata” by Pietro Domenico Paradisi
Music for Section II: “Dark Rain” by Linda Cohen
Music for Section III: The universal Section III GWD piece.
Music for Section IV: Silence and audience generated verbal sounds

Philadelphia GWD

The Performance

We embodied water: what water means to us and specific historical qualities that reflects the river.

How Can I Find Out More?

Contact Hannah Park, Phone: (215)219-0885

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