Photo Credits

Connie Publicover

Global Water Dances is grateful to Connie Publicover for the use of her remarkable images in our website since 2011.
From her artist’s statement:

My name is Connie Publicover, for me water drop photography is a labor of love. I love capturing a moment in time that is so pure and present but usually never seen with the naked eye. The beauty of these small worlds amaze me.
My water drop images are done in camera using a macro lens, extension tubes and focusing rails + off camera speed light and… an ” EYE DROPPER “. My images are not superimposed in Photo Shop. What you see in the water drop is a refraction from the background, I am using the water drop as a lens. I also use reflection from the background to give the water color, in some of my images. The color is not added in Photo Shop.
I am a retired hairdresser who was born in Nova Scotia (Canada) and I still reside here. Photography came into my life after prolonged health issues. I am self taught and have developed my own water drop photography technique.

For more information, please visit her website

Connie Publicover original photo used for our logo 2011-2017