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Portneuf River

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Sacajawea Park



In over 5 decades the Sacajawea park area has gone from providing an ecological function as a set of oxbows, to a soil waste area to a city park, to a constructed wetland for treatment of storm water – preventing discharge of pollutant materials into the river. We chose this site because it is a newly developed and unrecognized area of Pocatello. It also contains a newly constructed storm water drainage system which helps keep the Portneuf River and our city’s water supply healthy and clean.

The Choreographers

Director: Molly S. Jorgensen
Choreographers: Cassie House-Harris and Molly S. Jorgensen
Movement Choir Facilitators: Lauralee Zimmerly, Cassie House-Harris and Molly S. Jorgensen

The Music

The music was in three parts. The second part began with originally composed music specific to the dance at this site performed by local musician George Grant ( using voice and tabla drums. The sound then transitioned to music composed by Jon Scoville titled ‘Compass’ from his album ‘Pirouette Park’. The music for the third section was the GWD music common to all sites across the world.

The Performance

The audience was directed to different locations in the park to view each section. The second section began with a soloist depicting the vulnerability and thin layer of our cities aquifer. She then joined five other dancers in a clearly articulated traveling movement pattern. All dancers wore turquoise silk costuming. The movement was ritualistic and driving. It traveled throughout the paved walkways, over and beneath the bridge of Sacajawea Park. This movement depicted the quickness of our water flow within our aquifer system. Another soloist emerged dressed in red silk as a metaphor for contaminants that easily enter our aquifer system and are difficult to remove.

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Click on this link to find directions to Sacajawea Park in Pocatello, ID.

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