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Audience Location:

Sala 209 – Usina do Gasômetro + Ala do Pier

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 3:00pm

Water Locale:

Guaiba Lake at Usina do Gasômetro waterfront

the Guaiba River


Cibele Sastre is a Contemporary dancer since late 1980’s, choreographer since 1990’s. Influences from Nikolais through Eva Schul with whom I danced in the 1990’s and Bartenieff Fundamentals from LIMS as support for independent dance works in 2000’s. CMA from LIMS/NY, Master in Performing Arts and phd in Education both at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Professor at Dance Course of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, now researching creative processes in dance through performative research/ PaR. Member of Sala 209 collective of artists. A group studying Dance, Somatic Education and Creative Process – DESC – as an extension program of the University is dancing the Global Water Dances.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

Five cities have border with Guaiba Lake: Porto Alegre, Guaiba, Eldorado do Sul, Viamão and Barra do Ribeiro. It is 20 Km large and 50 Km long. Guaiba lake is made of four affluent Rivers: Jacuí (84,6%), dos Sinos (7,5%), Caí (5,2%) e Gravataí (2,7%). Also gets water from border streams covering 1/3 of Rio Grande do Sul’s territory of drainage area.
It suffers with pollutions from different sources, domestic, industrial and agricultural, including “nature’ sewage or partially treated ones. There are two points where people can swim at Porto Alegre border: Lami and Belém Novo, a peripheral zone of the city.
There is an important research at Federal University with navigation, industries, supervision, politics and water analysis data crossing with number of employees and amount of treated industrial trash, chemical accidents, and also political campaign support from those industries. Available at


We will use water sounds from sea, rivers and lakes of Brazil, voice sounds and percussion. We will have music collaboration from musicians joining and improvising during the performance.
João Guarani will join us as a musician.
For the last two parts we join Nicolas Soto Urrea’s music. We also celebrate local catholic parties we might use popular songs os Saint John’s Day – on the same June 24th.

The Performance:

The performance will start at Sala 209 – Usina do Gasômetro as a farewell performance day because Usina do Gasômetro – a cultural center of the city is closing for construction works. Sala 209 is a dance space of this cultural center for 10 years under management of Eduardo Severino dance company, gathering a collective of many contemporary artists that will lose an experimental space with a nice and inspiring view of Guaiba Lake. From indoors to outdoors, the performance will develop in a promenade getting close to the river for parts III and IV. The group of dancers take part of an extension program of the Federal University Dance Course called Dance, Somatic Education and Creation – DESC, guided by professor Cibele Sastre. The Performance invites audience to take part as sound makers, once pet bottles filled with water will be over the pathway.

Environmental Impact:

Environmental actions for June 24th are being planned by now.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

Centro Cultural Usina do Gasômetro – Sala 209 is at Av Presidente João Goulart, 551, Centro.

The Map

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

Please contact Cibele Sastre at Facebook or e-mail.

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