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“This was very different from my usual performances on the theater stages. This was natural, raw and meaningful.” Dancer, Prague

Water Locale

Vltava River

Audience Site

Our performance took place as part of the festival United Islands. We will be on Strelecky Island in the center of Prague on the Vltava river.


Prague is often called the “heart of Europe” and the river Vltava is in the heart of the city, dividing the old and new part. The river has many beautiful shores and bridges, where people walk constantly. Our performance was a beautiful contribution to the historical part of Prague, as well as an easily accessible and attractive site for spectators and tourists.

The Choreographers

Rena Milgrom – co-owner of Zambra dance studio, dance teacher, performer and choreographer. After many years of field studies of Central Asian, North African, contemporary and Romani dances she has just finished at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York.

The Music

Composer and master percussionist Hearn Gadbois (USA/CR) composed and performed with his ensemble, playing a wide variety of hand drums- Tonbaks, Frame Drums, percussions and string instruments.

The Performance

“We all danced for a big idea and we were all honored to be part of that!” Dancer, Prague
1. Ritual Part: for drinking water: this ritual was made by 4 women and accompanied by live musicians
2. Local Part A: Ballad about water – danced by 7 dancers and accompanied by singing choir of 25 people
3. Global Part: the commonly used music and choreography for all, danced by 30 dancers
4. Local Part B: Floods – choreography by Rena Milgrom – 20 min, danced by 30 dancers, accompanied by original score of 7 musicians
5. Audience Participation: Yemaya – choir singing and celebration – dancing with the audience.

How Can I Find Out More?

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Directions to Site Location

Tram 22 to the National Theatre. From there you go to the bridge over the Vltava river. On the left side you will find steps going down to Strelecky island.

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Local Website

Other resources and links – This is Rena Milgrom’s website –she has information about GWD and about herself. – Milgrom’s NGO organisation; it also includes information about GWD as well as dance activities.

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