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GWD 2013 Prague GWD 2013 Prague GWD 2013 Prague

Water Locale

Vltava River

The Choreographers

Rena Milgrom

Audience Site

Křižík Fountain in the area of Prague Expo, Holešovic. (Due to the flooding in Prague, all of the parks were closed. We were very grateful to have this superb new venue for our dance.

Prague GWD

History of site and related water issues

This island was historically always extremely important for the city of Prague. In the 10th century this was the only link between the old city of Prague and northern Bohemia, the link to foreign trade and exchange. During the following centuries, there was also 11 battles in the war times, but in the peace time, this was always an oasis for fishermen and gardeners from the city. the island was also used as an animal hunting ground. Since the 19th century it became a recreational island with many sport activities. Ice ring, tennis, canoeing. There is also a small water power plant. Last year the winter stadium was destroyed and now, a big part of the island in now in reconstruction and the idea is to make it into a beautiful recreational area for culture and activities. The GWD would fit the purpose of the island, is in the heart of Prague and a nice place to spent time.

Prague GWD

The Music

Live music by Hearn Gadbois (drums and percussions), Cyril Oswald (saxofon, flutes).

The Performance

The performance reflected our local water issues (floods) as well as the global issues – draughts and unavailability. We focused on the importance of the quality of water as well as the danger of the supply for all.
The performance in Prague was based on the philosophy of Czech thinker Zdenek Neubauer, who “writes about water as element, archetype and about the relationship of humans with water.”

Directions to site of the performance

Metro Vltavska (C line). from there walk 5 min on the Hlavkuv bridge above the Stvanice island.

Local website

Other resources and links
Křižík Fountain is a gorgeous place for prominent venues, concerts and performances, accompanied by huge colorfuly lighted fountain. Please look at


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