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Audience Location:

Bank of the Genesee River

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017

Water Locale:

Genesee River

Genesee River


Sarah Johnson – Graduated from SUNY Brockport with BA and MA in Dance with NYS Teachers Certification. Sarah has been teaching dance at Genesee Community Charter School, an expeditionary learning and arts integrated elementary school for 14 years. Sarah is currently a member of BioDance and has performed locally and regionally for various concerts and festivals. In the past, Sarah was part of Akoma Ntoaso Dance Ensemble, Kista Tucker Dance Company, and M*Shaka Fusion. Sarah has taken classes and intensives with Garth Fagan Dance, Bill Evans, and the art form of Capoeira. Sarah is married and has two young beautiful daughters.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

Genesee River is the only River in NYS that flows north. Its journey carries through Letchworth State Park, where over time and erosion, we are able to experience magnificent gorges and waterfalls. Its power brought birth to our city along with smaller towns along its way. It helped attract early settlement to what it is today.
The biodiversity of this river has drawn college students, professional researchers and scientists to understand more about the beauty and conditions of our river. Over time, Kodak which was a major industry and agriculture dumped waste into the river and it has caused damage to the ecosystem and inevitably the mouth which is Lake Ontario. There are many organizations who are currently trying to bring attention to problems so the public can change and support bad habits. Our Students will be researching the ecosystem through one cubic square foot and examining what inhabits the river as well as soil and water quality to help provide information about the conditions of our river. The ecosystem and life of the water will be the premise of the dance


Working and Thinking – GCCS STUDENTS

The Performance:

K-5 GCCS students over 150 students involved in this project.

Environmental Impact:

Genesee River is what brought settlers to this area and it’s beauty is compromised by years of pollution from farms, industry, and development along the river. The river empties to Lake Ontario./p>

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