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San Francisco GWD

The Choreographers

Rasa Vitalia,
(See bottom of page for Rasa Vitalia’s past ocean-related water work.)

Audience Site

Ocean Beach Land’s End Labyrinth

The Music

The ocean’s natural sounds

The Performance

Rasa Vitalia is an avid supporter of the ocean and presented a solo water dance.

Directions to site of the performance

Park at Lands End parking lot behind the Cliff House at Point Lobos Avenue and 48th Avenue. Walk east on the Coastal Trail and take the trail off the beaten path towards Mile Rock Beach. Walk down the steps. Where the staircase turns a hard left, continue on the trail going straight. Look ahead, you can’t miss it.

Other resources and links: The official website for Land’s End Labyrinth by its creator, Eduardo Aguilera.

Rasa Vitalia’s past ocean-related water work:
1) Rasa Vitalia- The Sea Goddess – Art of the Human Figure:
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8) Video of seals #1:
9) Video of seals #2:
10) Run for Seals (web site)

Two Poems by Rasa Vitalia: Where Seals Play

Where seals play the ocean collides with the rocks and rests on the earth.
Where seals play the light reflects the waves breathe.
Where seals play there is great laughter and song.
Where seals play we are we play we simply be.
We splash and turn slide and learn the essence of feeling alive.
Where seals play I come up for air and catch my breath.
Where seals play I dance in the sea and dive with my soul in the deep.

An Ocean of Truth
I am the ocean, you are the ocean

Motion through out – stillness within
See the waves come and go, come and go
Strong and pure
In tune with the cycles

The music, the dance as one
Dancing the rhythms together

The ocean
A living and breathing life
an old soul
reflecting our true nature
at every moment
in the moment
at this moment

All-knowing of all
and of the self
without time

sit with me and watch
to understand
and to feel
the breath of the world like the wind
and smell the sweetness of life


There moves a body with full acceptance
and fluid with ambition
and assured in the direction of its tides
and to let things go and just be

Restless and calm
storm and rain
Warmth and coolness
ice and heat
placid and temperate
yielding and liquid
washing away the old that once was
and revealing clear waters deep within
a place where souls swim with freedom

I am the ocean – a body of movement

I cradle this fragile life with my love

I radiate peace

I dance with the sunset
that radiant circle we all share each day

I dance the pure joy and true music of all life on earth
with you all
to inspired and be inspired

Do not forget who you are
Do not forget who I am
Know this and dance the joy of life on earth
Know this and swim free

Ebb and flow
ebb and flow
I am the ocean,
you are the ocean



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