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Bangshi River

Audience Location

Beside lake or River Bangshi

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at June 20, 5PM

Water Locale

Bangshi Riverside or Beside large lake at Jahangirnagar University


Nirmalendu Sharma Babu and Shahid Mallick

Mr. Mallick graduated in Anthropology from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh and did his MA in Applied Community Change and Conservation at FGS, USA. He has extensive experience as researcher/consultant in conducting independent study and Project Management.
He was founding director and has served with TREE as executive director for TREE nine years and at present volunteering as founding director. He was project coordinator “Saving River Bangshi” project, supported by UNESCO and was highly appreciated by the ministry of education also received an appreciation crest from the minister for education, government of Bangladesh. He was a national consultant of public private partnership (PPP) the British council/Nicare project. Member, climate change and its relate activities, “preparation of 2nd national communication of Bangladesh to achieving the goal of the UNFCC.” His book River Culture an Livelihoods: Water Pollution and Social Change around the river Bangshi, Bangladesh published from GRIN, publishers, Germany, he also has articles on water and social change issue published other peer review journal. Along with involvement with TREE activities at present he is teaching as senior lecturer (Anthropology), Department of Sociology and Social Work at Gono University, Bangladesh.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

Water is a renewable resource but not abandon and however, peoples of Bangladesh usually waste too much of water and pollution done by many individual and corporation and individual company
River Bangshi is one the large river in Bangladesh and Lake at Jahangirnagar is seems to be a one of the heritage lake for the University


Based on water and nature

The Performance

The performance is about the importance of water and its scarcity in the world and focus lays on water/river pollution in Bangladesh. In the performance a couple run for water here and there and finally they found a water reservoir and so enthusiastically wife grasp handful of water to drink and try to drink but they cannot. It is so pollute and bad smell comes out from it.
The whole performance is based on a folk song called in Bangla “Allah Meg dea Pani dea” meaning “O God, give us Rain and Water” there was drought for a long and every thing went dried up and there was not a single drop of water to drink, no crops in the field and every living element, plants, animals and other just dying and whole community start praying to God with so humbly: “O God, give us Rain, Water and Shade. You are our Lord… rain, God is sleeping, who will give us rain? in the absence of rain and water we can not cultivate our crops, our cattle are dying. Farmers family are tide their cattle and crying … please do forgive us and provide us water, we are dying”. All of a sudden rain comes and every things get back life.

Directions to the Site of Performance

The area is called Savar and anyone from any site can join us. You can come by Riksha, walk and by bus.

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