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Audience Location:

The Soleri Bridge

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 7pm

Water Locale:

The Arizona Canal, part of the Salt River Watershed

Soleri Bridge


Marie Chamberlain earned a BA in Modern Dance from Brigham Young University, and an MA in Dance Education from New York University. She performed and choreographed with Clark Dance Theater, under the direction of Judie Clark. Marie has taught dance at the Hartford Conservatory, the Regional Center for the Arts, Alberts Magnus College, and Mesa Community College. Marie earned her CMA through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in 2012. She now lives in Arizona with her husband and four children.

Alisha Rose earned an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in modern dance, special physical education and early childhood education from the University of Utah in 1996. Over the last 21 years, she has performed and choreographed modern dance for Dancer’s Theater Company in Salt Lake City, Utah, Brigham Young University’s
Dancensemble, and continues to perform with Center Dance Ensemble 2 and choreograph and perform for Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Arizona. She has taught creative dance, modern dance, and dance conditioning to dancers of all ages. She has also taught dance to special populations in Utah’s Granite School District as part of the University of Utah’s Project Special Physical Education. She has earned teacher certifications and taught courses in Brain Gym®, Music Together®, Peak Pilates, and earned a 500 hour yoga teacher certification. She has studied Feldenkrais Movement Awareness, Anusara Yoga, and Kinesiological Stretching. She will be starting certification in Laban Movement Analysis through Integrated Movement Studies in the summer of 2017. She continues to study modern dance with Frances Ethel Cohen, post-contemporary modern and ballet from various teachers in the greater Phoenix area. She is passionate about health and runs an in home pilates studio in Gilbert, Arizona. She loves to travel with her husband and three teenage children.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The Global Water Dance in Scottsdale will take place on the Soleri Bridge, spanning the Arizona Canal. The bridge was designed by Paolo Soleri, an architect and artist who uses his work to address ecological and social concerns raised by urban life. The bridge is designed to mark solar events. The Arizona Canal is part of the valley’s irrigation system, overseen by the Salt River Project. The intersection of the bridge and the canal is symbolic of the relationship between the sun and the water in Arizona. The canal system, based on some places on the canals developed by the Hohokam people, delivers vital water supplies to the area. The Phoenix area has been undergoing drought conditions for the past 20 years. The system for supplying Arizona with water is complex and beautifully balanced between various sources. The Soleri Bridge brings together the urban center of Scottsdale with the natural environment.


The music is being composed by Zorana I., a professional musician for 15 years.

The Performance:

The dancers will begin the dance in a circle around two tall metallic cylinders, whose shadow length depicts the summer and winter solstice. They will move in a weaving circular pathway onto the bridge. The main portion of the dance will happen on the bridge, over the Arizona Canal. They will be wearing white shirts, with flowing blue pants.

Environmental Impact:

We will work with SRP to provide information to the public about water conservation, and sources to understand better the challenges Arizona faces in providing water to all of its citizens.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

From the 101, take Indian School Road west to Scottsdale Road. Turn right on Scottsdale Road. Turn left onto 5th Avenue. Street parking is available in this area. Walk north on Scottsdale Road to reach Soleri Plaza and the Soleri Bridge. The bridge is on the west side of Scottsdale Road.

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

Contact Marie Chamberlain if you would like to become involved in Scottsdale. You can email her at

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