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Water Locale

Lake Washington, Magnuson Park, Kite Hill

Audience Site

Kite Hill, Magnuson Park


Lake Washington is the area that receives the storm water run-off from many of the local rivers and creeks, such as Cedar River, Thorton Creek, May Creek, Coal Creek, Mercer Island Slough, Kelsey Creek, Fairweather Creek, Yarrow Creek, Juanita Creek, Fores Creek, Lyon Creek, McAleer Creek, and Revenna Creek. The Sammamish Watershed also drains into Lake Washington, and then Lake Washington drains into Lake Union, through the Hiram Chittenden Locks and into Puget Sound. Local issues include pollution management from pesticides and herbicides, storm water run-off, and sewage. These issues affect not only drinking water but also the life of salmon; they have a big effect on the life of Puget Sound.

The Choreographers

Mary Kay Vadino, Carol Schouboe, and Dallas Williams

The Performance

We performed the first part on the lower hill and with the whale fin sculptures. Parts 2,3, and 4 took place on the hill. The audience came up around the hill and looked out toward Lake Washington and the Cascades.

How Can I Find Out More?

Email Carol Schouboe at

Directions to Site Location

Magnuson Park is off of Sand Point Way in Seattle. Take the 45th street exit off of I5. Take 45th east, down the hill, past the University Village. Continue east on NE 45th street, past Children’s Hospital, until it becomes Sand Point Way. Go to NE 65th Street, turn right into Magnuson Park. Go east until you get to the stop sign (you will see the boat launch in front of you). Turn left and continue on that road until you get to the end. You will see a large hill on your left and the orca pod sculptures (which are fins of trident nuclear submarines) in front of you. Parking is on the left.

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