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GWD 2013 Shanghai GWD 2013 Shanghai GWD 2013 Shanghai

Water Locale

Yangtze River meets the sea
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The Choreographers

  • Catlin Smith
  • Elena Molina
  • Stephanie Sanchez
  • Marceau Chenault
  • Estel Vilar

Shanghai GWD

Audience Site

Park in Baoshan

Time of day for performance

3 p.m.

History of site and related water issues

The Yangtze River is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the artery that feeds Shanghai prosperity. Intensive industrialization in China has a very negative impact in water quality. Many Shanghainese live their lives on the city without being aware of the importance of the water element in the geology of Shanghai, on the Yangtze river delta.

The Music

  • Simon Fortune
  • David Hampson
  • Adam Gaensler
  • Ryan Baird

The Performance

Consists of 8 choreographies or vignettes, each one based on one hexagram of the House of the Abysmal in the I-Ching, traveling around an energetic cycle of water embeded in nature and in the individual’s emotions.
Vessel invites you to explore your connection with water both personally and in relation to where you live, to give attention to the water that surrounds you, fills you, fuels and comprises your body, and is essential to all life. Through the process of co-creation and sharing of this project, we hoped to raise energy towards the restoration of the ecology of water- both in ourselves and our home. This is a homage to water.

Local website

Other resources and links

Facebook page:!/TheIllumin8tors


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