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GWD 2013 Sunshine Coast

Water Locale

Pacific Ocean in Howe Sound

The Choreographers

Brianna Stark, Lindsay Prentice, Brittany Robertson, Pan Willson, Mishelle Brydges, Katherine Denham, Shelly Elston

Audience Site

Lower Gibsons B.C.

Time of day for performance

12 p.m. and 3:45 p.m.

History of site and related water issues

Gibsons has actually been awarded the best water in the world. Unfortunately last year we had the worst drought in 125 years. The Chapman Lake system is the primary water system on the Coast, serving more than 90 per cent of regional water customers.
Chapman Creek is the main source of drinking water on the Coast, supplying most residents from West Howe Sound to Secret Cove, except for about two-thirds of the Town of Gibsons, which draws water from the Gibsons aquifer. Last year’s record drought forced the Sunshine Coast Regional District to enact stage three watering restrictions — no lawn sprinkling or car washing — and then stage four, banning all outside usage.
“Last year your lake levels were so low that you almost ran out of water,” consultant Gurjit Sangha told residents in Gibsons. To increase the Chapman Lake source supply, the plan recommends the eventual construction of an engineered lake on an existing mined site. As an interim measure, a propane-powered floating pump station to draw water from below the lake outfall is recommended.
“We’re proud of our water system and aquifer and feel highly motivated to protect the world’s greatest water,” said Mayor Wayne Rowe. They are also planning on putting funds into getting water meters for all areas to see where the large consumption is coming from.

The Music

“Sabadhi” by Adham Shaik
Global Water Dances music for the worldwide section.

The Performance

We performed as part of the Gibsons Jazz Festival taking place on June 15th. At noon we performed a piece that is our own choreography which is our locally inspired piece choreographed mainly by Brianna Stark as well as the whole group. It is inspired by the local issue of drought of drinking water, but it also rains for most of the year here so there are many elements that are involved in this piece. It was inspired by many elements that water brings up. The one at 3:45 started with our audience participation piece and led into the global water dance. This group of 6 dancers has been developed to perform at many festivals as part of the Sunshine Coast Dance Society’s 20th anniversary this summer. All inspired by water, so thank you so much for the inspiration! We will also continue to perform your global water dance throughout the summer!

Directions to site of the performance

Lower Gibsons

Local website

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