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GWD 2013 Sydney GWD 2013 Sydney GWD 2013 Sydney

Water Locale

Centennial Park Ponds

The Choreographers

Geeti Julie Rogers and the Kiryuho members.

Audience Site

In Centennial Park in the area between the Duck Pond and the Willow Pond, by a big Morton Bay Fig tree.
If you enter the York Road gates you can drive a little further around and then park on Grand Drive.

Time of day for performance

3.00 pm – 4.00 pm

History of site and related water issues

Cennential Park is a large public parkland located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Within this site are important wetland and springs which supplied Sydney’s main water supply of fresh water between 1837 and 1859 until it became too polluted. It supplied nearly two million litres of water per day via the Lachlan Water Tunnel (Busby’s Bore) sufficient for Sydney’s then population of 20,000. This site is also significant as it was the first public land given to the people as ‘Centennial Park’ in 1888, marking 100 years since the first white settlements. The important water sources have since been cleaned up in ongoing management programs and the park is enjoyed by many. We will dance between the two main ponds as a way of paying respect to the life giving water that has sustained land, animals, birds and people for hundreds and thousands of years.

The Music

A mix of live music and voice including Prabhu Osoniqs on Hang and flute.

The Performance

AQUAPOISE – A dance offering of moving mandalas, incorporating the symbol of infinity, to honour the perpetual cycles of water.
To acknowledge and respect the nature of water in our bodies, our communities and our universe.
As dancers embodying flowing water in our figure eight movements, the balance and attunement created within ourselves (as individuals and community) can become a way to balance our relationship with nature and the precious waters of our planet.
We shall dedicate the energy and intention of our dance to mother nature and to the waters of our ponds, wetlands and beyond to the rain acquifers, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans of our earth.
AQUAPOISE evolved organically from a group of woman who each week practice a form of Japanese movement meditation called Kiryuho, which uses the figure eight movement to bring balance and connection to our body mind. It was developed in Japan by Kajo Tsuboi. The woman took some of the basic forms and experimented in creating new formations as moving mandalas.

Directions to site of the performance

See above in “Audience Site”

Local website

then go to the event link for : GLOBAL WATER DANCE DAY – Sydney offering Centennial Park


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