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Audience Location:

“Bronte House” 470 Bronte Rd, Bronte NSW 2024

Date and Time:

June 25, 2017 at 14:00

Water Locale:

Bronte’s Waterfall

Bronte's Waterfall


Kathleen Gonzalez is a Melbourne-based Colombian contemporary artist, ethnodance researcher, a writer and a performer, a cultural producer, an artistic director and founder of “Tunjosy Cantaros Ethnologic Dance Company and Ethnodanceology Art.” Finished studies as Professional Contemporary Dancer in 2009, her practice explores the convergences between cultural and ancestral practices. Those have been investigated through historical archives and documents based in anthropology, ethnology and ancestral wisdom and embodiment issues as processes focused in experimental and contemporary dance. This particular investigation has been denominated Ethnodanceology; It is an area of study that encompassing various approaches to the study of the dances around the world that emphasize their origins, cultural, social, material, cognitive, biological, historical, concepts and contexts instead of or in addition to its integral movement component or any particular beginning.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

At the end of Bronte Gully a waterfall tumbles from a permanent spring, for at least 166 years, most probably much longer, Bronte’s waterfall has been running constantly, undoubtedly providing a regular fresh water supply for local Indigenous inhabitants prior to white settlement.
The waterfall fed a creek that originally ran across Bronte Park forming a series of pools, almost a lagoon, and the area we now know as the park was a large wet, marshy area. The creek ran from the gully and through the park parallel to the beach, with a bridge across the creek providing access to the beach from the park. The bridge was located close to where the miniature train now runs. The creek flowed out to sea at the southern end of the beach near the present day bogey hole.


Traditional & experimental mosaic from different parts of the world. Elegua – Songs of Cuba Chakana – Drums of Guinea Berimbau – Contemporarysounds of Brazil African Alabaos Farotos – Colombian Folk Water Sounds – Landscape recorder

The Performance:

Raizales – Abacoas. “Inborn Generations”.
Afro-Indigenous Contemporary Dance

This is a language of the ocean’s people where the body and system of beliefs are the tools through which spiritual realisations thrive and manifest to become, the source from which human beings exist.
It is about connecting to and discovering a sense of the earth, on which we stand, and the essence and form of matter.
Artistic Director and Choreographer: Kathleen Gonzalez
Dancers: Camilo Andres Paz Giraldo Mayling Lucia Espinosa Jenny Ramirez and Catherin Vanesa Perez Acero
Costume Designers: Gio Tie and Reciclagem by Tamara Leacock Photography by Raquel Duron Perez

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Environmental Impact:

Recently Waverley Council has addressed the degradation of the waterfall, which had become choked with illegally dumped material.
Now Waverley Council with the help of Bronte Bushcare Group and Professional Bush Regeneration Contractors have been following an ongoing Ecological Restauration Action Plan since 2014; where they are committed to improving the condition of vegetation and building on the great work already done by Bronte Bushcare Group volunteers to restore the Gully to native vegetation.

The idea of this performance is to increase public awareness and support of the long term restoration goals at Bronte Gully, with an aim of increasing volunteer Bushcare participation and also, it will increase civic awareness of the project and the gully’s biodiversity values

Directions to the Site of Performance:

The meeting point is in the Historic Bronte House sited on Bronte Park from 2pm. The performance starts with a silent hike forwards to Bronte’s Waterfall, where is going to be the main performance of Raizales. All attendees please make sure be on time and bring warm clothes with you.

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How can I get involved?

Come and support this performance. All are more then welcome to share the info in the social media world.


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