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Audience Location

Xiyuan Elementary School, Taipei

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 2015 June 25, 10:00

Water Locale

Plum Tree Creek and all the polluted river in Taiwan
Taipei GWD 2015


Artistic Director of Dancecology: Peng Hsiao-yin
Dancers of Dancecology: Chen Fu-rong, Lance Peng, Aaron Lai, Chen Yi-ching and Chang Ko-yang

History of Site and Related Water Issues

In 2011, the 1st GWD, Dancecology joined the Art as Environment- A Cultural Action at Plum Tree Creek which occurred at Zhuwei area, Taipei, cooperated with Bamboo Curtain Studio. Inspired by the story of Plum Tree Creek- how a clean local water became a smelly ditch, the artistic director of Dancecology, Peng Hsiao-yin choreographed the “Dance for Taiwan Water”.
In 2013, the 2nd GWD, Dancecology kept the spirit of “Dance for Taiwan Water” and flew to the National Taiwan Science Education Center.
In 2015, the 3rd GWD, as Dancecology being the resident artistic group in Xiyuan Elementary School, we created a new version of “Dance for Taiwan Water” which dance with the one class of the school. Like the river, keep flowing and passing energy to the next generation.


Bjork- “Storm” Rhythm of Nepal- “My Compassion” Cello solo “The River Theme” by Chou I-wen “Industry Noise” mixed by Peng Hsiao-yin

The Performance

Chen Fu-rong, Chen Yi-ching, Chang Ko-yang, Chung Yi, Ogawa Lu
And Xiyuan Elementary School class 405

Directions to the Site of Performance

No.65, Lane 73, DongYuan St., WanHua District, Taipei, Taiwan

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