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Water Locale

Danshui River

The Choreographers

Peng Hsiao-yin, the Artistic Director of Dancecology
All the dancers of Dancecology and Greenwave Dance Theater

Audience Site

National Taiwan Science Education Center

Time of day for performance


History of site and related water issues

Plum Tree Creek, a branch of Danshui River, is the only fresh water in the ZhuWei Area, but now it has almost become a stinking gutter. Since 2010, some local literature and history workers, artists in different fields and some residents with eco-awareness created an organization. They want to improve the restoration of Plum Tree Creek through environmental cultural action, not only to bring to official attention, but also to build up the collective consciousness of residents for the environmental issue in their living area. We, Dancecology also want to contribute our performing, to let more and more people feel the importance of water issue. So we joined the Global Water Dance, and connected it to the restoration action of Plum Tree Creek.

The Performance

Peng Hsiao-yin and her dancers choreographed the first two sections: “Flowing with Water,” which aims to gather the energy of participants and flow along with the Plum Tree Creek, and “The Story of Plum Tree Creek,” describing human beings’ impact upon their environment. Also, the young dancers of Greenwave Dance Theater choreographed a new piece for “the Battle of Tumbler and Bottled water”, reminding the audience to think about how to treasure our water and reduce the waste material in Earth. To encourage people to get involved in helping to save the creek and protect Taiwan’s environment, audience members were invited to join the dancers at certain points. In “Confluence,” the dancers lead the audience in a group dance. In “The Water Dance,” dancers and volunteers perform the same moves that were being danced all over the world for GWD.

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