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Audience Location:

Tamale – Ghana

Date and Time:

May 23, 2017 at 10:00am Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT)

Water Locale:



Coordinator and choreography concept developer: Emmanuel Brace – An engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky with a masters in the natural sciences from the Johns Hopkins University. He collaborates with rural communities to explore ways to harmonize their methods of resource management and industrial processes with modern global sustainability policies and procedures. Currently, he consults in the international developmental sector.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The northern regions of Ghana, which encompass Tamale, constitute the savannah areas of the country. Over the years, increasing population and weather pattern changes have contributed to a rapidly increasing rate of deforestation in that geographic region. To compound this, the location is generally arid and has a fairly significant population of indigenes who are agrarian.
As agriculture evolves with new crop enhancements and innovations, there is growing concern about how these technologies could have unintended socio economic and public health impacts on the local population.


Music to be featured would include traditional folk music indigenous to the locality

The Performance:

The motivation for this performance is to highlight one of such important initiatives being implemented to address non-point source contamination. This is an issue which continues to worsen as a result of increasing deforestation and ground cover loss.

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Environmental Impact:

The performance sought to highlight the work of local entrepreneur and accountant Abdul Baaki – a product of the University of Ghana- who is diligently working with local farmers to eradicate some of the causative factors which make this particular region “Fragile” and “Conflict” prone.
His focus is on exploring the use of organic “home/locally processed” fertilizer as a viable alternative to those which eventually lead to increase in toxicity levels of community waters and adverse impacts on public health.
Water resources are critically essential in these arid parts of the country.

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