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Water Locale

We performed at a water site on the campus of the University of South Florida. We felt that this site reflected the presence of water within an urban environment and so is particularly important in demonstrating the need for awareness and preservation of this precious natural resource.

Audience Site

Same site as performance


We were making a choice between 2 sites; both were places where the Florida Dance Festival was being held  and they were our sponsors. The site we eventually chose was also used in our statewide Florida Waterways Dance Project, which happened in March 2011. And of course the Gulf of Mexico is particularly important as an image of what can go wrong without public attention and governmental concern.

The Choreographers

Dale Andree led a workshop at the Festival that culminated in Global Water Dances. As well as being the choreographer for GWD, she is the director and choreographer for the Florida Waterways Dance Project. All the participants from that project were invited as well as other choreographers.

The Music

David Goldblatt – Musician/Composer

The Performance

The performance was held on June 25 2011; it was also the closing performance for the Florida Dance Festival held in Tampa.

How can I Find Out More?

Contact Bill Doolin at the Florida Dance Festival at:


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