Our Team

Martha Eddy, CMA, Ed. D., RSMT
Founder and Steering Committee Member

Dr. Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT is a movement maverick applying her expertise as a Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, dance educator, somatic movement therapist, conflict resolution specialist, herbalist and exercise physiologist broadly (schools, hospitals, churches, and homes). Her interest in a peaceful and sustainable world began with her childhood in East Harlem. Important elements are building community and having a tiny garden next to a rock. Her landmark course, “Conflict Resolution through Movement and Dance” arose from her dissertation research. From it she was inspired to develop “EcoMoves for Kids” a curriculum that emphasizes caring in human relationships within school and extends outward to the local nature – a community garden, park or tree. Her own ‘herb dances’ evoke the energies of different plants. As a major proponent of Eco-Somatics she presided at the Youth Forum of the first SEEDS (Somatic Experiments in Earth/Dance/Science) festival at EarthDance. EarthDance and the Yard are two favorite partner organizations for exploring site-specific dance outdoors. She has also performed choreographed works in the Sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art, outdoors at the Cooper Hewett Museum, on the Amherst Commons, & outside at Outfall festival/Mt Madonna Retreat Center, and began improvising with our Global Water Dances group at the Schumacher College for Ecological Studies and Dartington Hall in England. She loves to lead or participate in movement choirs. She envisioned water as a major theme for movement choirs when she was introduced to author William Marks (featured in the movie FLOW – For the Love Of Water). Recommendation: visit www.EmbodyPeace.org. Keep dancing! More of her work http://www.movingoncenter.org/

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