Our Team

Nicolas Soto Urrea

Nicolas is a Chilean music composer and music therapist. He specializes in soundtracks compositions for audiovisual media and performing arts, and has participated as a multi-instrumentalist in diverse music bands and record productions of World Music. At the end of 2016 started the collaboration with Global Water Dances to give life to new music: “It began with a strong inspiration in sensations and sounds recorded in a trip to the Iguazu Falls, emblem of life, strength and majesty of the water. In music, sounds from different places and contexts are fused, so watery and ethnic instruments such as the Kalimbas and the Udu from Africa are fused with instruments common in Western chamber music and orchestra such as the French Horn, Piano and Harp. One of the main melodies is in charge of an Ecological Flute that has been made with materials recycled by the musician Juan Ortiz Obando in similarity to the Quena, traditional Latin American flute. In contrast, part of the music reflects problematic as the water scarce and the imminent struggle for the precious resource, there the Duduk of Armenia invites us to the reflection with a song of lament while dancing with the depth of the Violin interpreted by Lorena Correa Posada. The piece seeks to excite us to move and thus be one with the dance to create awareness and honor the Water, the main component of the bodies that will come into action.” For more information, please visit www.nicolassoto.com

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