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GWD 2013 Tel Aviv Michael Atamuk 2 GWD 2013 Tel Aviv Michael Atamuk 9 GWD 2013 Tel Aviv Michael Atamuk 1

Photo credit: Michael Atamuk

Water Locale

Eastern Mediterranean Sea
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The Choreographers

Deborah Heifetz
Helena Kovalsky
Vova Zak, Vertigo Dance Workshop

Jaffa Port

Audience Site

Jaffa Port

Time of Performance

5 p.m.

History of site and related water issues

Jaffa port is a symbol of new beginnings and ancient memories. The west meets the eastern waters of the Mediterranean at Jaffa port, where centuries of history has brought traders, warriors and people filled with hope. Three world religions and communities live together in this ancient city. Like an old sage, Jaffa port inspires the wise truth that peace strengthens and deepens through our creativity and actively supported interdependency. Stories about Jaffa harbor range from Jonah’s Journey through Peter’s conversions to Napoleon’s conquest up through the 20th century’s movement of more goods, armies, visionaries, refugees and peoples across seas, continents and oceans. The choreography affirms the 21st century as a time of hope and transformation for the peoples sharing the harbor and its waters.

The Music

Lev Elman
Vladimir Cherepovsky
Feliza and Or Zohar

GWD Tel-aviv 2013

The Performance

We’ve chosen Jaffa Harbor to participate in the creative spirit and vital search for Peace that remains elusive between Israel with her Palestinian cousins. Our choreography embodied pain, hope and vision using water as the passage through these various states of being – the channel for new beginnings. (Pictured: Choreographer, Helena Kovalsky)

Directions to site of the performance

Old Jaffa Port

Local Website

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