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Tweed Valley

Water Locale

Tweed Valley


There have been many environmental challenges in this area associated with overdevelopment or at least ensuring sustainable development. At present, the campaign against the Byrill Creek Dam proposal is at the forefront of the agenda. We are consistently campaigning for increased recycling of water in new housing areas, amongst other initiatives. This tends to be a frontier area, with there being large population surges expected in the next ten years. It is a beautiful area and many people want to live there. We want things done properly. Main successes in the area have been particularly the maintaining of the three story limit on buildings south of Tweed Heads. We see that there is much sensitive ecology in the area and water is perhaps the main element of focus.

The Choreographers

Albert Hempel

The Performance

Albert Hempel created a solo performance at South Kingscliff Beach, where the weather was cool and cloudy. His dance was modern dance-based, with elements of water-flowing with strong leg moves suggesting water creatures. This performer listened to the ocean and felt connected with the global effort. Albie signed on for the project in 2010 and we were lucky to have this part of Australia on our map.

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