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Audience Location

Promenada Velenje

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 9-10 pm

Water Locale

Promenada Velenje – Paka river


Tanja Tajnik & Katarina Kovačevič


The visual part (dance video) will be accompanied by original, electronic music written by Slovenian composer Antonio Križni?, especially for Global Water Dances. Composition will incorporate water sounds and percussive elements within atmospheric and tranquil soundscapes.

The Performance

The performance will be composed of several dances from Slovenian dancers, made especially for this event and every dance will express local/global water problems. This dances will be presented in global dance video which will be an artistic piece about water problems representing with different dance techniques.
At the day of performance we will do also a dance event for local people to get involved and the main performance will be composed also of presenting of a dance video which is in the process of creating already.
For the water specter we will have a scientists to share their knowledge about water problems with public because we think that public awareness about water problems is important. Number of our performance artists is cca. 15. In the case of bad weather we will use local facilities to perform an event. We have a huge local support for event because for Slovenia (Velenje city) this is a first time to perform for Global Water Dances. Choreographer, Tanja Tajnik (PhD, choreographer and dancer) and Katarina Kova?evi? (choreographer and dancer) are rich with dance references. Tanja Tajnik – PhD is active at the Global Water Partnership organization, studying drought and water issue of Europe, which means that we have a rich scientistic background also.
We would like to create a special and unique dance video/event. Thank you for your support!
Velenje GWD 2015
Velenje GWD 2015

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How can I get involved?

They can participate at dance workshops (on the day of performance), they can be involved to help us to organize event or to participate as a dancers.

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