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The group rehearsed with pleasure and dedication […] the flow between people really came about and the members of the group were deeply satisfied by this.” Brigitte Reepmaker, choreographer, Vienna

Water Locale

Danube and Donaukanal

Audience Site

The exact location was: Donaukanal between Marienbrücke and Salztorbrücke, near U4 SchwedenplatzVie


The Danube is one of the main rivers of Europe connecting many European countries. Johann Strauss, the Austrian composer has dedicated one of his most famous waltzes to the Danube. The common responsibility for a river should connect nations in a way of brotherhood and care for nature’s resources. Like the composer Strauss, we dedicated our dance and artwork to this beautiful river, to the Danube!

The Choreographers

Brigitte Reepmaker and the group: we developed the choreography together. We cooperated with other artists who are inspired by the work of landscape artist like Goldsworthy and we also included the concept of Geomantie.

The Performance

Our dance created a dialogue with water: water as such and water as a site specific experience. We did a ritual bringing together water from different parts of the world, then greeting the river Danube from the bridge above taking in the energy of the water on one side of the bridge and blessing the water flowing away from us on the other side. The Choreography of the Viennese group was based on improvisations, we worked with the image that, “the soul of man resembles water, it comes from the heavens and it returns to the heavens” (J.W. Goethe – Die Seele des Menschen gleicht dem Wasser…).

How Can I Find Out More?

Please contact Brigitte Reepmaker via email.


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