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Audience Location

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Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at Saturday, the 20th of June, 16 – 18

Water locale

The River of Vistula


Iwona Wojnicka
dancer and choreographer, Laban Movement Analyst in the process of certification by Eurolab Berlin. The student of Antja Kennedy. Author of many stage productions, with several site-specific oriented actions. Interested and devoted to deconstruction. Recently living in Warsaw.
Gosia Gajdemska
dancer and choreographer, specialits in site-specific actions, Contact Improvisation and off stage creations for youth and adults. Author and creator of a number of out door dance creations. Recently living in Berlin.
Agnieszka Tyczska
English Teacher and translator, dancing and performing in her free time. The regular practicioner of dance and performance for almost twenty years. During this time, she has collected a substantial experience, which is the great asset in the Florence, Italy.

History of the site and related water issues

The River of Vistula has been abandoned by the town of Warsaw for many decades. Because of the regular floods concrete wharfs have separated waters from the edges. Another reasons was lack of sewage treatment plant, which has been oppened not earlier than ten years ago. Since then, the inhabitants of the town have been making efforts to readopt the banks for recreation and amusement by organizing bars, bike roads and beaches. The river has become again the place for pleasures and relaxation.


This year we have the great pleasure to work with the well known percussionist, Stanis?aw Skoczy?ski, the Professor of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Proff Skoczy?ski is the performing musician and composer of the contemporary music. He will join us with the little group of his students and the collection of instruments.
The music will be either improvised or composed to the existing choreography. The meeting point of the musicians and dancers is to be the rhythm of the created choreography, mostly counted four, with the parts counted 3. As the contemporary music structure is often arhytmical, the choreography will be coloured and re-done or addopted by it, reaching shades and character.

The Performance

Longest Fountain in Warsaw by Park Rydza-Śmigłego,
Name of choreographers: Iwona Wojnicka, Gosia Gajdemska

In the performance part, we’ve developed the subject of the importance of the fresh drinking water for the existence of the human kind. Our subject was the pollution which causes illness and pathology of the local community. Pure water means pure blood and good health. This is why we choose red costumes and white cauliflowers to dance with, as well as to give contrast to the concrete and green surrounding. Our ritual was about saving the waters from pollution so we were washing cauliflowers in the fountain. This water is the best example of the water which is easily available – but not drinkable. Drinking the fountain water can cause illness.
We’ve adopted the global choreography for trio. During the event it was performed with life drumming. The global choreography rearranged lasted almost 20 minutes and was spatially composed. We used a lot of inspiration with Pina Bausch and the Polish sense of humor. Translating the global choreography for the trio of dancers was a very interesting work and can become a method of work itself.

The local part was the deconstruction of the global choreography: we have collected movements inspired by Jeremy Wade and had a lot of lost, mistaken and shadow movements that was funny and joyful for us to do. We have also been inspired with Polish jokes and phrasal verbs. Local part was ended with solos by the little fountains. The idea was to choose a single phrase and make an improvisation out of it.
We interviewed the audience about the water issues around the globe. We had one person to ask other people of how they use water in their homes, and do they have the knowledge of the situation of water in other countries.

Participants suggested to organize the event each year to make people remember. Two years period makes the organization unpredictable and the participation uncertain. For the future, I hope to have an additional founding and to invite one of the dance schools for cooperation.
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The dance takes place by the one of the longest fountains in Warsaw, located in a walking distance from the banks of the Vistula.

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