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Pozdrav Suncu

Audience Location

around Pozdrav Suncu, walking place by the sea

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Water Locale

Adriatic sea


Jasna Frankic Brkljacic,CMA, choreographer, dance teacher
Lucija Mikas, dance teacher, dancer
Vlasta Marotti Hraschanec, dance teacher
Sanja Petrovski, ballet teacher, choreographer

History of Site and Related Water Issues

It is a sea shore dating from Roman period of the city history. The modern arhitectual intervention include Sea organs and Greeting to Sun by I.Basic.
The conection with the navy history, with islands, with sea-men that where gon for beter life, fishing, or wars is a story of people that lived here for centuries. Woman looking to the mighty sea waiting for her son and husband to return. Also the nearby islands only recently got drinking water conections.Zadar was always reach with clean drinking water but on islands the thirst was something comon and water was garded as the most pressious thing.


The idea from Marko Brkljacic was to make a musical postcard of the region of Zadar using local KLAPA songs, and original ethno. Mixing those with natural sound of waves, rain, original souds of Sea organs from Zadar, and world waterdrumming examples we got pretty close to what we wanted. On cite there will be live music plajed by Tea KUlash, the organ player. AS a conversation with the Seaorgans she will play modern croatian composers: Krsto Odak “First Passacaglia”, and An?elko Klobu?ar”The Water” from Song of Creatures. Al is conected with live drumming by our music school students and the pipe player MIle Nimac.

The Performance

Dancers are student from primary and secondary Music School “Blagoje Bersa” Preko/Zadar – Dance department. They are mostly “Laban profiled dance students “, and some are trained only in clasicall ballet. Women from Women Cociety “Luzor” from Preko are also joining us in movement, they are crutial for the Ceremony part (I). The School for Contemporary Dance “Ana Maletic” from Zagreb is also comming to dance the Section III part with us (12 students and 2 dance teachers). We tried to include as much parents we can but we will see how much of them will join at theend. The costumes are all wight, but we did made some 17 costumes for senior students, some hande made cloth for wumen from Preko, as they are dancing in their native costumes. Also the Pipe player is in native costume. Some green, some blu, detailes are incorporated. We worked with all our students during past months, but only 85 has listed since today to be able to appear on 20th, the school hollidays just started. With 7-10 woman from Preko, 5 drummers, the pipe player and the organ player it is approx 100 participants dancing and playing. I almost forgot the diver who is filming under sea and bringing our glas drop from the sea out.
So, 101 Croatians from Dalmatia region. Lovely.
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Directions to the Site of Performance

In Zadar it is easy to reach the audience, cause we have acces to local media/TV, Radio and newspapers. Also we are planing to make afice, and flyers. The site is frequent walking place and close to the centre of old City so before the performance the sound of drums and bagpipes is going to atract the attention.

Email for more information

How can I get involved?

The plan is to call all interested to learn the 9 minutte choreography during the World Dance Day events on 29.4.2015, so that they could participate in that part of GWD in June. Also I plan to envolve local ECCO Zadar society, biomimicry students and high school ecco activist to organise some lectures and sourranding performances previous the GWD. During the performance, the chains oh dancers will walk among he audience and gentle move them, also the last part and the evaluation list is in the plan.

Local Website

I am talking with local ecological sites to use their web site.

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